I am a self taught metalsmith. I handcraft decorative copper things including jewellery & sculptures.


Making Copper Leaves

Copper Leaves – A Few More Pictures

Copper leaves in various sizes are one my best selling small sculptural designs. I have previously shared a few pictures of the making process. Here are a few more from another leaf making session. You can order my forged copper leaves online here

Making Copper Leaves - In Pictures

Making Copper Leaves – In Pictures

I often get asked how I make my copper leaf sculptures. This is not a step by step guide to making copper leaves but I thought I would share a few photos of some of the steps involved in crafting my very popular copper leaf sculptures. The leaves are always so much in demand. Recently […]

Air-Chased One off Copper Sculpture ANGST

One off Copper Sculpture ANGST

This is the first Air-Chased larger Copper Sculpture I have attempted. I have previously shared several pieces of Air-chased Copper jewellery – Pendants, Cuffs and Rings. I wanted to take my Air-chasing skills a step further from small items of jewellery and make a bold statement piece to bring out the natural beauty of hammered […]