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Rustic Copper Cuff – FANTASY

The Air-Chased Rustic Copper Cuff

Rustic Copper Cuff is a popular product in my online shop and at stockists. I have made several Rustic Cuffs using air-chasing, fold-forming, embossing, etching and just pounding with textured hammers. I love making these cuffs and I really like wearing a rustic copper cuff, especially when dressing up for an event or function.

Today I am sharing some work in progress pictures and videos of the Rustic Copper Cuff FANTASY. I make the Fantasy cuff with copper pipe. I upcycle old copper pipe whenever possible, but can buy new pipe from my local hardware shop Harrison and Dunn in Stamford if necessary.

So far, I am pleased to say,  I have made all the cuffs in the Fantasy range using recycled copper pipe.

Air-chased Fantasy Rustic Copper Cuff
From Copper pipe to the finished piece, I had so much fun working on these Copper Cuffs!

And some videos of the annealing process from Instagram.

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The latest Fantasy Air-chased Copper pipe cuffs are listed in my online shop.

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